PoE-to-USB Adapter - High Power Output (Lightening, Wired Data)


Get the only industrial grade PoE adapter that charges tablets faster than the wall-chargers they come with.

Tablet manufacturers simply don't design their chargers for continuous 24/7 touch-display use. The 19" iPad Pro is a known example, with a 12 W wall adapter that cannot provide enough power to charge the battery while the screen is on. The KRONOS PoE-to-USB adapter delivers up to 17.5 W to the tablet for uninterrupted use.

Compatible with all Apple tablets

Works with corporate grade PoE standards (44-57 V), such as 802.3af, 802.3at, in either Mode A or Mode B.

High Power Delivery when you need it
Energy Efficient when you don't

Max Power Out: 17.5 W
Trickle charging (screen on at full brightness, 100% charge):

  •     13" iPad Pro: 16 W
  •     iPad Air: 8.5 W
  •     iPad Mini 4: 6 W 
  •     Stand-by Mode: 0.3 W


Note that PoE+ (802.3at) is recommended for faster charging of large tablets. The PoE network switch may need to be set to a higher power output than its default setting.

Purchase this product only if you already purchased VisualTarget Lighted or Slim enclosure and need additional mount.

Compatible with all VisualTarget Enclosures (Lighted and Slim).

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