Lighted and Power-Data Wired Enclosure, Cisco PoE Switch and App Setup

Although the steps below are specific to Cisco PoE Switches (running IOS) with EventBoard from TEEM installed on the tablets. Similar steps can be taken to setup other switches and mobile App.

  1. Enter these commands to ensure the switch is set to send enough power to the units, while not locking too much power away from the remaining ports:

    Enter the switch password if requested (the password won't show as you type). Default password for Cisco switches is: cisco
    conf t
    int Fa4/0/3
    Enter the specific port instead of the Fa4/0/3 example shown here
    power inline static max 25000

    The 25000 milliWatts shown here should be sufficient to power lighted enclosures in most environments. Additional power may be needed for enclosures far away from the switch.
    Slim enclosures (not equipped with lights) can work within the original PoE 15 Watts standard and so this "power inline static max" command can be skipped
    spanning-tree portfast
    This greatly speeds up the connection on units equipped with the wired Ethernet option
    wr mem

    The snapshot below is how the commands appear when entered via CLI:

    Enabling LLDP and CDP is also recommended.
  2. [Wired-Ethernet Units Only] on iPads go to Settings and confirm the Ethernet option is showing.

    Once selected it should display a valid IP address for the iPad.
  3. [Lighted Enclosure Only] To confirm the enclosure is working properly, make sure the tablet is at full volume (on iPads the volume slider can be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen), then go to the following address and play the test video:
  4. [Lighted Enclosure Only] If the light color match the screen then the enclosure is functioning properly.
  5. Install EventBoard on the tablets.
  6. [Lighted Enclosure Only] Login to the TEEM dashboard to register the tablets and set the light Frequencies to:
    Available Frequency: 1500
    Occupied Frequency: 370
    Check-In Frequency: 670
  7. [Lighted Enclosure Only] Go back to the tablets to confirm the light color match the status of the rooms.