MagTarget - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which devices are compatible with MagTarget?

Works with all Lightning connector iPhones (iPhone 5 and above) as well as devices equipped with Micro-USB at the center bottom (most Android, Windows and Blackberry phones).

How does it affect battery life?

Your battery life improves! Don't listen to those stuck in the Ni-Cad batteries era (where full charge/discharge cycles where beneficial). The battery type used in most modern electronics (Lithium-ion) actually benefits from frequent recharge.
The chart below highlight the drastic benefit that frequent recharge has in lengthening your battery life. Avoiding a costly battery replacement will make your MagTarget set pay for itself.
Depth of Discharge vs Cycles on Lithium-Ion Batteries
(More technical info at: Battery University, Electropaedia)

Why not use induction wireless charging technology, like Qi or PMA?

As cool as induction wireless charging technology is, it comes with some drawbacks. First, it takes longer to charge. Second, it doesn't provide full connectivity, so it can't be used to send data/video to a computer, car or TV. Third and perhaps most importantly, the heat it generates negatively affect the battery longevity.

The battery level on my device appear to be incorrect

Although this is not a MagTarget issue, here are the steps to perform battery calibration and bring back a more accurate display of the battery level:
1. Charge to 100%.
2. Run phone until auto-shutoff (not just low battery warning)
3. Re-charge to 100%

If you are curious why this is needed read the following.
Modern electronic devices estimate the amount of battery left by comparing the current value to where it stands on the last full battery cycle. A battery cycle being to go from full charge to full discharge and back. As the battery ages its electrochemical properties changes which result in inaccurate battery level being displayed. The graph bellow compares the accuracy of the actual battery level to what is displayed on the screen:
Actual vs displayed battery level
(More technical info at: Battery University)

With your MagTarget set installed you are less likely to run into a dead-battery scenario, which would otherwise "naturally" recalibrate your battery. We know this is going to be hard when you're used to never running out of juice. But if you want accurate battery levels displayed, you'll have to force yourself and let your device run dry as shown on the steps above.


Don't the strong magnets affect the phone functions in any way?

Unlike most magnetic mounts our proprietary magnetic arrangement doesn't bleed its magnetic field into the device it holds. This took many prototypes to achieve and we are quite proud of the result!


How do you attach the Target-Ring to the back of a smartphone or tablet?

The Target-Ring attaches to the back of the phone via double-sided 3M VHB tape. The same kind of tape used to hold GoPro cameras on helmets. The top portion of the ring is the one taped to the phone case. The bottom portion is removable for easy access to the phone connector.


How do I remove the adhesive foam tape from the Target-Dock?

The safest way to remove the foam tape is to use a stiff plastic plate (like a credit card) and push it into the tape with slight side to side motion. Keep doing this going around the part until the two parts can be separated easily.


The connection with my Mac keeps disconnecting and reconnecting repeatedly

There is a bug in some Mac-OS that causes USB devices to not work properly. See the article below to resolve the problem:


I get an error on my iPhone saying the accessory may not be supported

MagTarget is fully MFi compatible and works with all MFi approved cable and accessories. The use of a non-MFi cable may result in an error message (with or without MagTarget). It has also been documented, and we experienced this ourselves, that original Apple cable can also dysfunction over time and give that error message (again, whether with or without MagTarget).
Try replacing the cable with another MFi approved version to see if the message persist.


If you don't see the answer you need here, send us a note and we'll be happy to help.